work area

In response to Lucky Kat and Wilco's recent posts, I am sharing with you the place where I spend countless hours reading, writing papers, blogging and shopping for bargains. I wish I had a work space as big and neatly organized as Lucky Kat's. Mine is rather tight and lacking adequate storage. I also wish I had a monitor setup like Wilco's. This monster of a monitor takes up all my desk space and it's noisy too. I should learn not to stick post its, RX refill stickers and pictures on it. Looks so sloppy. Note the kick ass rice cooker. I took that off a homemade necklace Denny was wearing after some costume night at DrinkClub.

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jenn said...

At least it looks organized...
I can't find our camera amongst the crap we have in our apt to take a pic of my workspace.
Hell you can't even see any workspace under all the fabric, sewing machine, paints, and other junk all over my desk. I kinda just have an "area" and I work from the floor.

densetsu said...

Holy crap! So THAT'S what happened to my rice cooker necklace!