I think I like Halloween more than I like Christmas. Last year I was an Extreme Makeover contestant (plastic surgery show) and Simon was a surgeon. Before that, priest and molested altar boy, and before that ghost and ghostbuster.

This year's costume is secret, and definitely may not be as comfortable as last year's costume. But we still don't know what we're doing for the evening. We've done the Castro street thing which was fun but chaotic so probably will pass on that this year, despite the new safety measures, bag checks and security. A nice multi ballroom party (i.e. not too crowded) with a bunch of folks around my age in elaborate costumes for $20 or less would be ideal. Suggestions? The Alf and Alf thing at the Hilton is the only one under consideration for now because Mykonos will be spinning.


Anonymous said...

did you hear about the rottentomato.com halloween party at Suede for free? i can forward the evite to you.


Van said...

oh yeah i heard about that. But Suede scares me. all the candles and sheets draped off the ceilings and walls are a total fire hazard. After the Rhode Island fire and stuff, that kinda thing really stays top of mind while I'm in there.