keep your germs to yourself

I feel like shit. My head is in a fog, I'm exhausted and I have that tickle in my throat. And I know it's because sick people have been wandering around spreading their damn germs. You know I don't care about your work ethic and how you want to show the world you are tougher than your cold/flu by coming to work/school when you are sick. You end up touching doorknobs and coughing germs into the air and making people like me sick. People like me who have 10 pages of writing to turn in this week. Damn you! And those of you with children. I see them sneezing into the air or, even more pleasant, sneezing into their hands and wiping it on their pant leg. Keep them at home and away from me!


Anonymous said...

i sympathise with you.

i thought it was only in this part of the world (southeast asia) that people were misbehaved. I cringe every time I see someone sneeze or cough without covering their mouths.


Mr. Syndromes said...

I got hit by the same shitty thing. I'm all congested now in my sinus' and my throat is bugging the begeezus outta me.

At least it's fairly mild as I haven't puked up my left lung (yet).


Alexandre said...

well... i know i have germs.. but i´m so cleany...

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jenn said...

I know what you mean. I was asked to babysit some kids so the parents could go out for dinner and I said sure. They showed up at my front doorstep coughing this nasty phlegmy shit and crap hanging from their nose when they sneezed. I just got over some serious sickness in Feb (pneumonia that caused asthma and then developed a sinus infection for kicks) I was sick for over 6 weeks. I ain't going through that again. Not to mention the super expensive prescription bill! Keep your sick kids to yourself. Someone's already going out of their way to do you a favor, don't inconvenience them more by making them sick.