giving thanks

Since it's Canadian Thanksgiving still, you're supposed to give thanks. But for most of the last 5 years I've been more pissed off and unhappy about my life than thankful. Mostly because everytime something good happens, something shitty happens right after. So I'm going to write a smart ass list of things I'm thankful for. Really I'm not this negative in real life (see #3 below).

I'm thankful that:

1. I made a small wad of money on a weird stock option grant 4 years ago that has allowed me to blow it all on my overpriced graduate education now, I'd otherwise be in Vancouver working some shitty job for some shitty software company or not working at all.

2. I can lose weight almost as quickly as I can gain it. I'd otherwise be depressed about how hopeless it is to maintain a decent build made stocky from years of gymnastics. (find one slim ex-gymnast out there, yeah there are none)

3. I can express myself with words. I'd otherwise pent up all my negativity (rather than let it all go here on blogger so I can maintain an outwardly normal demeanor)

4. I don't live at home (ie with parents). I don't think this one really needs explanation. I'm 28 for Christ's sake.

5. I don't currently live in Vancouver where it can rain for 20 days straight (no I'm not joking) which really wears away at my emotional well being.

6. I have a car. I would die if I had to take public transit. I love our environment and do what I can to protect it (but I won't get on a bus with a bunch of stinky crazy people and cranky bus drivers)

7. I am healthy. Except for mild asthma, tendency to get nauseas and allergies to damn near anything that is edible.

8. I am not allergic to alcohol like several people I know. What the fuck would I do if I couldn't get wasted once in a while.

9. I'm not shy. I know people who are and it's a huge obstacle in their lives. Being able to carry on a conversation with strangers is really a life skill, and way more fun than hanging out in the shadows wishing you were invisible.

10. I don't have any handicaps or disfigurements. Near sightedness certainly doesn't count. I saw a guy on Discovery Channel and half his face was basically a huge red mole that kept growing throughout his life. It even changed the shape of his eye, nose and mouth and his bone structure. It would be really hard to live his life.


jenn said...

hey hey hey,
Vancouver is not THAT bad...
we have our sunny days too... and once in awhile, rainy days can be quite cozy, if you have nothing else better to do.

As for the living with parents thing... I AM SO THANKFUL for living on my own. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I never want to go back EVER!

Anonymous said...

so how do you start a conversation with a stranger? i find it difficult to come up with interesting topics to talk about.

Anonymous said...

oops, i forgot to leave my name.


Soo said...

I have a car, too, but I love taking public transportation. When I worked in downtown LA, I would use the subway and downtown buses as often as possible because they were so convenient.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa....its Carol the Club Admin from Wings Gymnastics...you can find us on our new website at www.wingsgymnastics.com. We stumbled across your posting on all old bulletin board that we are thinking of resurrecting. So drop us a line and feel free to link to us too.
BTW I was just in Benicia near Vallejo visiting my sister and her family for Canadian Thanksgiving.
It is so nice to see how you have been doing...you do remember us at Wings, right?