hang up

I logged on to the Sprint web site to activate my new phone today. Obviously they have some kinks to work out in their activation system as my online agent's (Matthew) instructions to make a test call (which I made to K) got routed to another customer service rep at Sprint who told me she was doing a "welcome call."

So I had one agent on the phone and one on my live chat. Matthew, my online agent, kept telling me to hang up on the lady on the phone but she was...talking. He insisted it was ok but it was all a little weird chatting to someone telling me to hang up on the lady from Sprint who was talking to me over the phone in real time.

Here's how it went down on the chat. Kinda funny:

5:11:59 PM Customer Me
making test call
5:12:08 PM Agent Matthew L
5:12:18 PM Customer Me
it put me thru to sprint
5:13:03 PM Agent Matthew L
5:13:03 PM Agent Matthew L
One moment please.
5:13:48 PM Customer Me
she's doing a welcome call? wtf
5:14:20 PM Customer Me
now she says she is doing my activation. this is confusing
5:14:54 PM Agent Matthew L
That is not supposed to happen. You can hangup from the representative.
5:15:06 PM Customer Me
she's talking...
5:15:54 PM Customer Me
she's telling me about billing cycles
5:16:02 PM Customer Me
and reading me fine print
5:16:09 PM Agent Matthew L
Ok, but if the steps went through then it is working.
5:16:28 PM Customer Me
i guess i should sit thru her call?
5:16:41 PM Customer Me
like will i have to jump thru this hoop anyways?
5:16:44 PM Agent Matthew L
5:17:01 PM Customer Me
oh i feel bad...
5:17:04 PM Customer Me
is she in sales?
5:17:14 PM Agent Matthew L
You can hangup, if it got thru to sprint then it works.
5:17:23 PM Customer Me
gotcha. thanks so much
5:17:30 PM Agent Matthew L
Your Welcome
5:17:35 PM Agent Matthew L
It is my job to ensure that I have fully resolved the issues that prompted you to chat with me. Have I resolved all of your issues today?
5:17:42 PM Customer Me
yup thanks
5:17:50 PM Agent Matthew L
It has been my pleasure assisting you today !!

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Robyn said...

lol. chatting with companies is so weird.