Grad students "always and never have the day off." That's what one of my friends said today about today being MLK day. She was right because the coffee shop where we meet to study along with a couple other women in my cohort was packed all day today. Yup I spent my "day of service" reading for exams for 9 hours and everyone around us seemed to be studying diligently with their big huge calculators and big huge law and physiology and engineering textbooks. It's going to be like this until April 3rd or so when I complete the oral defence for my general exams.

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Robyn said...

yes, that's a great quote! i always feel like people think i don't work cuz i am like home in the middle of the day, or i can go shopping or buy groceries in the middle of the day, or sit in a coffee shop all day... but anyway, i let myself sleep in for mlk day.