weekend plans

Last weekend before classes start and I was planning to drive home for the weekend but decided against it because I really need to hunker down and prep for the quarter. Instead my plans include: join the other grad students for drinks on Friday (and trying not to drown my anxieties in beer), finish reading one of the books for one of my classes (there are 4 more to read for that one class and I need a head start), do preliminary research for my papers, review all my teaching materials, course syllabi, and handouts, cook a dish for Monday's dep't potluck, draft a plan of study (all the courses I need to take to complete the Phd), go for a run around Greenlake, visit the beautiful Seattle Library (you have to see the photos on that site), and check out the UW gym since parking will be free. That seems plenty to keep me busy.

I just got back from a 3 mile jog. The sun comes out to say hi in between rain showers so I had to take the opportunity to get out for some air. Oh yeah, with some oil of oregano, many cups of orange juice, and lots of sleep over two days, I managed to kick the cold that was coming on. Hopefully I can go another year or two, illness free.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I haven't heard of Oil of Oregano. Did that really work for your cold?

head dump said...

YOU'RE JOGGING!?! The lake looks beautiful. Keep up the running and I'll show you some places I run at when you're in town. It'll be a piece of the Bay you've probably never explored.

Egan said...

You're going to love the library and the IMA (UW gym). The library is brand new and the IMA was recently remodeled. Have a great weekend Van.

Robyn said...

i've been slowly learning that drowning anxieties in beer is what grad school is all about.

my husband had a course in which they were assigned two books a week. his program is occasionally ridiculous.

oh yeah, i got a weird tip for avoiding colds: have students submit work electronically.