I hate packing. The only thing less fun is unpacking. Anyways, I managed to pack up most of what's mine in preparation for the big road trip tomorrow. The plan is to spend 8 or 9 hours on the road and stop off in Eugene to spend a night. A lot of people do this drive in one solid 12-13 hours (16 to make it all the way to Vancouver) but since we wouldn't arrive when the leasing office is open anyways we decided to split it up into 8 hours first day and 4 hours Friday. My short term concern is making everything fit into my car, after that I'm worried about people breaking into it and stealing all I got. Fingers crossed that this whole move, which has not been without its complications thus far, goes off without a hitch.

Tonight I'll be out for a drink at Old Pro, one of my favorite bars. They are newly renovated and I'm looking forward to trying out Bucky the mechanical bull.


Tashiwa said...

Have a safe and pleasant move! And post some pictures of you on the bull!

Ben said...

Yeah, I did (tried) the whole drive (to Vancouver) in one shot, and I have to say that was not a particularly good move. I actually found that some (carefully selected)rest stops are rather safe and provide excellent "shelter" for sleeping half a night away.

Plus, I slept in the car, which is about the best deterrent for someone who wants to steal it. Although ... in some rest stops, I guess a pretty boyish face like mine (hahaha) would attract certain ... undesireables.

And if you're going to stop in Eugene (4 hours from Seattle), why not just park it in Portland instead?