So apparently athletic folks have a longer ring finger than index finger. Mine is but I wonder if they can actually use this to predict athletic ability. One can always draw out themes after the fact.

I have one more class to attend tomorrow that I haven't yet been to. The rest have been great including the two sections of public speaking that I teach. I lucked out with students who so far seem interested, enthusiastic, and courteous.

I am looking forward to seeing Simon and heading to Vancouver this weekend for a wedding, while dreading the hours I won't be able to spend getting the hundreds of pages of reading I need to do. I could probably get more done if the asshole living downstairs would turn down his fucking stereo. He has not responded to my pounding on the floor with my fist. At least he doesn't do this late into the night. I'll give him that much.


Robyn said...

hrm... excuse to study in a coffee shop. that's what i do when my neighbors sing karaoke. for THREE HOURS straight!

yay for cool students. i hve heard some horror stories. luckily i haven't had too much crazy myself.

Tashiwa said...

Okay, I have the finger thing as well, but have freakishly long fingers overall. Have you heard about how dancer-types have second toes that are longer than their big toes?
Hope you had a nice trip in Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed my ring finger is longer than my index finger, but it looks like a optical illusion because if I look at it palms facing inward, it's either the same or slightly longer depending on the angle of the fingers.