Simon's sister and her bf are here for a week before they head to Hawaii, which means we will have had house guests for two consecutive weeks with 4 days out of town in between. That means eating dinner out and drinking a hell of a lot. Oh and no time to work out. It's starting to feel really kinda gross. I'm also juggling a copywriting contract gig on the side so that takes up any spare time I might have used to get my ass off this office chair. I'm almost tempted to try a morning workout but I know that progressing from conceptualization to execution on that front is not likely.

Not sure if I mentioned but after posting another housing wanted ad on Seattle CL, a 32 year old Asian American woman contacted me saying she needs a roomate and my description of myself sounds like her. ie. obsessive about cleanliness and militant about not allowing shoes in the home. Turns out she is currently living in the Bay Area and works literally 5 miles away in Santa Clara. We met a few weeks back and determined we're compatible and sane. So we're headed north to Seattle on the 18th to find a 2/2. She is going to UW to do her MBA. I think this will work out nicely especially if we can save money by giving each other the occasional lift to the airport to visit home, or splitting a cab.

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Robyn said...

the new roommate plans sound so great. i have never had any success with craig's list. probably cuz i've never lived in places where it's really used.