Had a meeting with the department chair yesterday that made me want to quit school right then and there. Went in requesting support on an issue that jeopardizes basically my whole academic career, and got interrogated and blamed instead. If there were a department or nearby school to defect to, I'd be doing it but instead I'm pretty much stuck. All I do is service for the department. I keep my nose clean and stay out of trouble and in return I get unapologetically fucked up the rear with a chainsaw at every turn. The only allies who have any sort of power (i.e. tenure) exist outside of my own department. How pathetic is that? Now I'm not really motivated to do anything but lay on the couch in front of the TV...unfortunately the free cable I was enjoying decided to cut out today. Another fabulous day in the life of me. At least Obama won.

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Ben said...

Holy crap, it just doesn't get better, huh. Is there at least the (bleek) alternative to delay graduation until the next semester when maybe your advisors would have more free time? Perhaps you could keep your thesis topics and everything identical, just time-shift it.

Disclaimer: I might know what I'm talking about, and claim the right to admit idiocy at any time.