Went to Club One with my cousin last night. The place is immaculate and well kept. It makes 24 Hour Fitness look like a fucking bathroom in a dive bar in the Tenderloin. I noticed far less meat marketish activity on the gym floor but still the place is not without its characters. At one point I found myself walking to a piece of equipment at approximately the same rate as another guy. As we both approached the equipment I looked up at him and said "oh were you about to use this?"

The appropriate response for a normal person would be something like "oh you go ahead first."

But this guy just grunts "YEAH" and jumps ahead of me to use the equipment. I bit my lip to keep from blurting out "were you fucking homeschooled or some shit?"

After the workout, we were walking back home and my cousin says that some guy in the locker room was blowdrying his pubes in there and not even discretely. Awesome.

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Ben said...

Yeesh, where do you FIND these places?? But to show you the brighter side ...

At least your gym isn't known as the gay-pickup-gym for the city.

At least you don't get asked for your phone number ... by a foreigner ... who's at least 60 years old.

At least you don't get someone offering to spot you at the bench press, but as they're standing over you, they stand a little too close and such that you can practically see up their shorts.

At least there aren't rumours of guys poking holes in the shower curtains at "convenient heights" so they can sneak a peek as they walk by.

At least the privilege of all this doesn't cost you some $50US/month in membership fees. (Well, it doesn't cost me that either, but I'm a special case.)