Having a messy house when no one is there to see it is one thing. Everyone has their tolerance for mess and dirtiness. Mine happens to be extremely low because seeing dirt, dust, or hair on floors and surfaces is actually nauseating for me and I get all sorts of anxiety about it and have a hard time staying at other people's houses overnight because of it. Okay enough about me.

Now having a big huge fucking mess for all your neighbours to look at every fucking day is certainly another thing. Please click on the photo to see it in full size so you can truly appreciate the detail:

So our HOA states that we are not allowed to have anything but plants, BBQ, and patio furniture on our patios. These losers have decided to use their patio as some sort of fucking storage. Let's play I spy with my little eye. I spy astroturf, a trampoline, an ironing board with an assortment of ugly ceramic fucking swans, bunches of fake flowers, a broken screen from a window, two satellite dishes, a kid's swimming pool, two exercise balls, a tricycle, a rug hanging over the rail, plastic shelving with more junk on it, a pretend lawnmower, cinder blocks, a hose, a broom and two ceramic elephants.

But hey at least they finally moved their couch back inside. I think I'm going to be an asshole and call the HOA to complain.


Ben said...

Yeesh. Sometimes there's just not enough storage for all your packratty trailer trash sh!t that you really should have thrown away as soon as you bought it.

libby said...

jeez that IS irritating! keep it inside people! i'm such a neat freak sometimes and i can appreciate how annoying it is when others can't just take a few minutes and throw.out.all.that.JUNK! my mom is a total pack rat and we bicker about it all the time! stop by sometime, i've just started re-blogging!

Norris said...

I hope you call management on these shit heads... Rules are rules... they should follow them like everyone else.