H0H 0H0

It was funny that this story on the urban legends web site popped up on my home page via RSS. I actually remember writing letters to Santa and addressing it to him using the Canadian postal code H0H 0H0. However, I don't remember him writing back as it's claimed he does now. I think my parents took the letter and promised to drop it off in the mail but never did. I wonder who has the job of writing back to all these kids and who pays the postage for sending these letters.

And a couple updates. 3 of the 4 members of the missing Kim family have been found. Hopefully James Kim is found alive soon too. Less important update. I have put in an order to switch to Cingular so I can finally get a new phone (LG CU500) and not some piece of shit hand me down, and no I did not change my phone number.

Oh and I wanted to share something that made my day. One of the little multiple choice quizzes from my students came back with a little drawing up top. Yeeeeah, I rock.


Anonymous said...

Heh, if it wasn't for the fact that the handwriting looks like a girl's, I'd say someone has a crush on you.

Egan said...

I don't understand that second paragraph of yours Van. How can you run those two topics together? I really hope they find James. What a sad story?

Van said...

ah but we mustn't always assume heterosexuality. That's not very fair. Why can't a girl have a crush on a girl?

Egan, I write in a flow of consciousness sort of way. That's what I thought of, that's what I wrote. Don't judge.

James said...

That's true, although if that student suddenly started saying they love you, and then promptly asks to change their grade, I'd be a bit suspicious.