I just read a book review and thought, if I got a review like that on something I wrote, I would have a heart attack. This is why I'm beginning to think academia is not for me after all. I'm just not thick skinned enough to deal with shit like this. Here's the review:

"[deleted] is at pains to apply the frameworks of several postmodern cultural theorists (most notably Deleuze’s concept of the control society), but these dips into theory never come across as more than dips. One gets a glimpse of rich theoretical terrain, only to be disappointed by the superficiality of its application to the issue at hand. I suspect that this is more the fault of over-editing than a true lack of engagement with cultural theory on [deleted]’s part, but one almost wishes the theory could have been absent altogether rather than left in as under-developed (and sometimes perplexing) tangents."

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