I laugh every single fucking time I read this:
I was deluged with so much hate mail, but none of it was political .. . . It was like, ‘‘Gook, chink, cunt. Go back to your country, go back to your country where you came from, you fat pig. Go back to your country you fat pig, you fat dyke. Go back to your country, fat dyke. Fat dyke fat dyke fat dyke—Jesus saves.’’—Margaret Cho, ‘‘Hate Mail From Bush Supporters’’ (2004)

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Maria's Random Rants said...

Just found you via Twitter and was intrigued by the Asian part. Since I moved to Texas I forget that others exist, online or off. Completely impressed with how long you've been blogging. Wish I had the smarts and the balls to start way back when instead of listening to my Asian family tell me "posting on the internet could get me killed".

Anyway, glad I found your site, love that you write, happy that your Asian, and you just jumped the hell up my like-o-meter because you're getting your masters. Go, err umm, You!