Winterizing II

  • get lots of failblog and CuteOverload
  • aromatherapy
  • fish oils
  • homeopathic anything I can get my hands on
  • massage therapy
  • Korean spa or other source of steam, sauna, heat
  • get acquainted with my space heater and woolly slippers


Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with both "Korean spa," and the little dude on the right that says "bitching and complaining since 2003." I want him! Wendy

Fumbling said...

:) thank you Wendy! That first get naked experience though is kinda freaky, certain of us Asians (non-Korean) are not of the get naked variety. But now I dont give a shit.

Fumbling said...

Wendy, i love your blog and tweets. Your honesty and willingness to open up about serious shit is awesome. I was a self-harm person too and but I don't have the balls to make it public public...