So I've written many posts about the fucking asshole fratty white boy soccer player rejects who live upstairs from me. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because the mother of one of them is a crazy raging bitch who thinks I fucking owe her something. Can you say entitlement? I was putting some groceries away when I heard a woman at the door (main entrance to my part of the building) yelling some sort of lame nickname like Monty or something. I could hear her pretty well because she was right outside my bathroom window. I ignored her because it's not the first time someone stood outside and yelled for my douchebag neighbor to let them in. It's also not the first time someone has rung my doorbell REPEATEDLY trying to reach upstairs. After several minutes of this bitch yelling outside, she decided to take a new strategy, ringing MY DOORBELL at a rate of about a million times a minute. I thought, like the others, she got the wrong doorbell so I stepped out my door and it went like this:

Me: You need to stop ringing this doorbell, you've got the wrong apartment. I live here, you want someone else. Stop ringing my doorbell.
Bitch: I'm trying to reach my son, he lives upstairs, I'm his mother.
Me: Why are you ringing MY doorbell. What do you want?
Bitch: I've been driving since 9 this morning and I'm here to find my son [as if I'm his fucking secretary and I should give a shit, what the fuck?]. Can't you let me in so I can knock on his door?

So I let her in to go upstairs and pound on his door.

What does she say to me?

Bitch: [with snarky bitch voice] Well you probably should've let me in the first time I rang.

Oh my fucking god did that piss me off. The correct response should have been, "thank you, sorry I rang your doorbell for like a minute straight. I'm just mad at my son."

But no, this fucking cunt makes it sound like I'm in the wrong for not opening the door for her when she's screeching at the top of her lungs, banging on the door, and deliberately ringing my doorbell to enter the building. I wonder if she would've talked down to me like that if I were a white man in my 50s...or a white women in her late 40s like her, huh huh? I doubt it. I hope she falls off a cliff and dies.

I have another neighbor story but I'll hammer that one out another time.


Shaky Jake said...

Nov 19, 2004. That's when you commented on my blog. I honestly only vaguely remember you but I'm glad to see you're blogging again.

Bitching and complaining online is cathartic isn't it.

Anyhow...I won't ring on your door any longer...just wanted to drop in and say hi.

Fumbling said...

Hi Shaky Jake!