This was the year I was going to make up for a lifetime of missed opportunities to travel overseas with friends and now it looks like it's not going to happen because of conflicting schedules and travel itineraries. After this all my friends will be having kids, either their first, or even their second. And then there's me, the one with no stability, no control over my future, not even any rights in the country I have called home for 9 years. Add to that the 6 years of that I totally wasted with a loser who cheated on me with the office slut (who was also married with kid at the time). Ugh. Fuck my life to hell. I want those years back. 

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Ben said...

I want to comment on this entry, but I'm not sure really what to say.

Except that it depends on what exactly those existing travel itineraries and schedules are, that are conflicting against your desired leisure travels. As a person who has been in transit for (on average) 10 hours a week, and has work encroaching dangerously into his personal time, I know that people have to draw the line somewhere between the things they want to do and things they "have to" do.

For me, I know it's a conscious decision that I normally choose to comply to the work schedule, but at least once a month, I prioritize a personal scheduling and compromise work. Tough beans for work that week, but I am trying to keep a personal life too.

I guess in short, you'd better love whatever it is that's keeping you so busy. If you don't ... why are you there?