Been pretty much camped out at this coffee shop 4-5 days a week, 3-8 hours per day the last month or two with my friends who are also preparing for exams. Usually pretty uneventful. We have gotten to know the musical tastes of the barristas and who makes a better coffee. We even know when they are scheduled to work. Definitely recognize all the regulars. There are a couple women sitting behind me right now though, who are really pissing me off. One of them has her chair all backed up against mine and they won't shut the fuck up. Here an IM dialog between me and R I thought you might find entertaining:

(2:57:29 PM) me: i am going to strangle these bitches
(2:59:32 PM) R: I know they are SOOO LOUD
(2:59:36 PM) R: and the laugh!
(2:59:44 PM) me: what theyre laughing at isnt even funny
(2:59:51 PM) me: if i could laugh too i wouldnt mind so much
(3:09:55 PM) me: why is this bitch all the way up my ass like this
(3:10:01 PM) me: there is like 5' of space on the other side of the table
(3:10:23 PM) R: they were trying to get out of the sun
(3:10:34 PM) R: I don't think you're important enough to worry about
(3:10:40 PM) R: cuz, its all about them!
(3:10:50 PM) me: i should get your full spectrum light and shine it at them
(3:11:50 PM) R: the girl behind you just turned around and gave me a dirty look for talking
(3:11:55 PM) R: I guess Im bothering her
(3:11:58 PM) me: BITCH
(3:12:02 PM) me: shit is going down


Syndromes said...

Dude... Duuuuuuude! I thought I was literally going to get myself into a fight last week at my Sbux.

I was sitting there as I do a couple times a week just dorking around on my phone surfing the web and what not, when some asshat starts jibber-jabberin about how in the world people can afford iPhones when they can't even work, and that people like *that* are the reason our economy is in a recession! Going further, he actually singles me out to his friend! "Like that guy over there - WTF?! Everyone has their damn iPhones yet they file for unemployment??"

Literally, I just about turned around and punched him in his fucking face.

Of course, he then went on to say how he hates my neighborhood and how it looks and everything about it (I live in the gay district), and the whole time I'm thinking to myself... "Dude, why in the FUCK are you here then?"

Man, I was so pissed! Haha

People are stupid. That's the only conclusion I can come to after listening to that asshole pontificate about the state of the world today.

I guess the funny thing is that I don't necessarily even disagree with him to a certain degree, but holy shit - learn some tact and situational awareness man!

Fumbling said...

AWESOME comment. :)

Robyn said...

ugh... although i love chatting about the ppl sitting on the next table too! it is like the best thing ever. also, aren't you supposed to sit IN the sun? especially in february? especially in seattle? wtf.

oh also have you seen that commercial where this girl is on her cell phone outside a coffee shop complaining to her friend how she hates this part of town and everyone here is so ugly? not sure what the commercial is for, but it's hilarious... cuz you just know it's based on something someone actually saw.

Fumbling said...

seriously there was a sliver of sun and then they were talking about whether to wear sunblock when the sun is out in the winter like this.

They could've rotated their seating around the table instead of moving the whole fucking table 3' so bitch was practically sitting on my head.

Fumbling said...

also mr syndromes, what happened to your blog? will you revive it anytime soon? let me know if/when you do!