ice cream

Last Friday K had to pick up his credit card he left at Flowers on the Ave and I had to pick up a prescription at school so we worked in the morning from a coffee shop and then had lunch up in the U-District before working the rest of the afternoon from the graduate library cafe. It's kinda nice to have someone to work with so I don't find a quiet spot to take a nap (which happens a lot).

When it was quittin' time we decided to take a walk out to Wallingford for a treat, homemade ice cream at a local shop called Molly Moon's that makes awesome organic ice cream from scratch, including the sugar cones. He had honey lavender and I had thai iced tea. Other flavors included Vivace coffee, bubblegum, balsamic strawberry and other on their web site. So yummy. Baskin Robbins and crap like that just doesn't compare. Although I have to say I really like the Starbucks coffee ice cream.

Trying to finish my last week of working with these teens. There are a few of them I can't wait to never see again, but a few of them have grown on me, but those were never the ones who had discipline issues. 2 days of grading what feels like a billion speeches, report card comments and then I head to Vancouver to spend a week reading and relaxing.


Anonymous said...

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Fumbling said...

Well Ken/Apple.... depends. What is the ad for and how will you convince me that this is not a scam to get my banking information?

Robyn said...

I like hearing your studying schedule. We usually study at home in the AM and then go out to a coffee shop after lunch. However, we are really bad and usually are at a Borders/Barnes and end up reading fashion magazines/comic books half the time.

Fumbling said...

Oh I got the best book the other day after reading it at Barnes. It's called Apartment Therapy and it has a ton of awesome photos of real apartments that are decorated super cute!

Robyn said...

no! you fell into their trap! haha! the way to work the system is to just read their stuff. nah that book sounds cool though. my apartment, where i've been living for three years, is so not decorated. it's very sad.