A coat of primer and two coats of paint later and I have "new" cabinets that don't look like complete shit. I can't wait to get the little brushed metal knobs on them. I should note that the true color is more like the one on the kitchen cabinets. The flash on my camera made the bathroom cabinets look lighter than they actually are. Also, it's not a totally fair comparison -- I think I took the before pics on my old S200 and the after pics on my SLR. So my next project is to paint the bathroom walls, but first I need to buy a new mirrored cabinet to replace the garbage that's been hanging on the wall there since the place was built. I went to take out the wonky little toilet paper holder yesterday and realized that the stupid asshole who installed it used GI-FUCKING-GANTIC metal drywall anchors that I cannot remove, so I had to push them into the wall leaving holes the diameter of my pinky finger. You don't have to be Bob fucking Villa to know that a roll of toilet paper does not weigh 10lbs which is the kinda weight metal anchors like that are meant to hold. Now I have these stupid holes in my wall that I have to fill with about a gallon of spackle or whatever before I paint over the disaster that is my bathroom wall. I just I don't want to have a bathroom that looks like it belongs in a crack house. So I'm looking forward to fixing this up. I should get a pic of the many holes in my wall. They're pretty funny.

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