Had a fun night last night with my friends who were house sitting their cousin's condo down in Coal Harbour. Such a sweet place. We were originally going to karaoke but I didn't realize they'd forgotten batteries and didn't know that I had also brought my magic mic but whatever. Eating Beard Papas, 7-Eleven nachos, chips, cookies, and chocolates while chit chatting and later watching many episodes of Family Guy served us just as well. My friends who know my paternal cousins really well decided that, despite all of us cousins being only children, we have ended up manifesting the characteristics of siblings in terms of birth order. My older cousin is the rebellious one, my younger cousin is the silly laid back one whom everyone wants to take care of and give advice to, and I'm the complicated, frustrated, and misunderstood middle child. Not sure how we didn't figure this one out sooner because it's kind of true. Anyways, I ended up falling asleep and not being able to pry myself off the couch until 3:30 in the morning.

After the girls day over at Olympus spa in Lynnwood last week, I decided to see if there was such a place near my parents' house that I could go to to escape the constant lecturing, prying, and unwelcome commentary from my parents. I found this, JJ Spa Plus, right here in my neck of the woods and apparently the only Korean spa in the greater Vancouver area. Only $15 admission too. Might have to go check this out.

Anyways, Merry Xmas and all that crap that I don't really care for. Hope you didn't spend too much money buying a bunch of meaningless consumer goods from big huge corporations when that money is really better spent helping the sick and needy or at least sharing a meal with friends or contributing to a child's college fund, or hell contributing to MY college fund to pay for books and conference travel. (I mean, did you really need that new LV purse or ridiculous overpriced rags from *gag* Abercrombie? C'mon. Bah consumerism)


Ben said...

There's admission for spas? I always thought they just sold you specific packages of mud/clay smears and wraps and steamy whatevers and lotions and massages and ... whatever else they can sell you for $100. Do you pay the $15 for a day pass, and then line up inside for the various spa attractions?

Fumbling said...

hey ben, so this is the difference between a western style spa and a Korean one. The western ones are typically day spas where you pay for a given service like a massage and then if they have the facilities you can use the small jacuzzi or steam room but the main attraction is the service itself and there might be no tubs or steam rooms, just a massage table. With a Korean spa, the main attraction is the variety of soaking tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and heated rooms with salt or charcoal underneath the canvas covering the floors. The admission is to gain access to those facilities and you can pay to add on a service like a scrub or massage if you like but not everyone does. It's more of a social/family thing to use those facilities.

Robyn said...

wow, i didn't know there were those kinds of spas in the us. i think i only saw them on japanese tv shows.

that's cool that you're so close with your cousins. i guess i didn't grow up with any geographically close. and the closest ones are crazy!