So what I like about Seattle is its quirkiness. It's hard to explain what I mean by that except to share an example. So every year there is something called the Zombie walk which takes place before Halloween. And yes it is exactly that. People dress up as zombies and walk around the Fremont neighbourhood. It is even published in the Seattle Weekly under the event listings. I found out my former student likes to go to these Zombie walks and this year she even got photos of it. Here they are.


Bryan said...


I am curious as to what student you are talking about?

As I am the one who took these photos, and I am of the male gender :)

Fumbling said...

whoa bryan does your flickr page have a tracker to see who links to you? the student would be your lovely gf, one of my favorite students. now tell her not to tell anyone about this blog :)

Bryan said...

Ha! I am sorry if I came off mean, I was just very confused!

I have had problems in the past with people stealing my photos and
presenting them as their own.

So there is a way to search for my personal photos on websites.

Oh and no worries, she doesn't even know your blog's URL.

Sorry for the scare :)