day 1

First day of school today and it was not a lucky day but I survived. I thought my spirit friend had left the apartment with my roomate who went to Shanghai for the quarter but last night after I double checked that my alarms were set for 8:45 am and not pm, the alarms were indeed not set properly this morning and I was lucky I woke up around that time anyways. I headed out to catch the 9:39 bus which gets me there a half hour before. No bus, the next one scheduled for 9:49 doesn't come either, and the woman standing next to me says she arrived to catch the 9:15 bus which didn't come either. Finally 10am rolls around and I get on the already packed bus. I arrive at 10:20 and don't even have time to go to my office to get my attendance list. I was lucky I had the room number scribbled on a pieced of paper from the night before. First class of the quarter and I had to wing it.

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Robyn said...

last fall i was about ten minutes late for the first day of teaching. maybe more than ten minutes. i forgot that to allow time to look for parking. it was so disastrous.

so, you have multiple alarms and none of them go off properly? damn... last year i was setting two alarms every night, but my new phone one seems to be more reliable... *knock on wood*

btw, i will email you soon with my piece of the proposal. this week is kind of nuts though so it might be next week...