I came to the realization today that as of 2 days ago, I've been in the Bay Area for 1 month. I can't believe 1/3 of my stay here is already over. I also can't believe that I still haven't finished my stupid paper for the class that I took an incomplete for. There are 4 reasons for that:

1. Working all day from an office cubicle drains the life out of me. Even if the work is not terribly challenging in an intellectual sense, the fact that I'm in an overly air conditioned office with no sunlight for 8-10 hours a day I think is slowly killing me. Going about my business on campus for 8 hours does not have the same effect. Maybe it's because I am forced to walk around, talk to people, and get fresh air.

2. Hamsters. I have missed the office hamsters and I get to stare and poke at them and feed them all day.

3. Darts. We got a dart board at work and I cannot stop playing darts. We've played so much the tips are dull and we need to sharpen them.

4. Last but not least, Super Puzzle Fighter II. We got an XBox to play at lunch and after work and that game is like crack. In fact, I just installed a version of it on my laptop because I cannot get enough. It is almost 2 am and I just finished the 8 stages of normal mode but couldn't beat the final challenger Akuma.

I need to go to bed so that I am good and ready to kick some ass in Puzzle Fighter tomorrow.


Robyn said...

this video game sounds fascinating. i don't know.. the combo of "puzzle" and "fighter" makes me think it will appeal equally well to girls and boys. (last summer i learned that all the girls i know like bust-a-move...)

and yes, office work sucks. thanks for reminding me cuz teaching is driving me nuts!! i'm also studying for exams this summer. it sucks!!

Cecil said...

You've been back in the Bay Area for a month. I've been working every single day since you've been back except when I was in Vancouver for 1.5 days and when I got the 4th off.

I'm exhausted...