I just finished watching The Lords of Dogtown (2005) which documents the real life stories of the pioneers of professional skateboarding who started the sport in a rundown neighourhood in Venice, CA in the mid-1970s. Did you know three of those original pro-skaters were Asian American, and one of them female? Yup, Shogo Kubo, Jeff Ho and Peggy Oki. Unfortunately they're secondary characters in the movie (if that).

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Cecil said...

Never watched The Lords of Dogtown, but I did watch Dogtown and Z-Boys which is an actual documentary by Stacy Peralta about the Zephyr skating team. You'll actually see interviews with Jeff Ho, since he's one of the co-founders. Peggy Oki and Shogo Kubo are in the documentary as well since both were part of the Zephyr skate team. I never skateboarded but I thought this movie was great.